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Points Required Cash Award
Redeem 3,500 points $20.00
Redeem 8,500 points $50.00
Redeem 18,000 points $125.00
Redeem 50,000 points $400.00

Find out how many points you have by clicking here! 


Once you know how many points you have, enter the number you wish to redeem according to how much cash you’d like to get.

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You can now play and earn valuable points for CASH at any of the Dakota Players Club participating locations. All of your points will accumulate to your single account.
To redeem your points for cash, simply fill out the form above.

If you would rather mail your redemption request, simply, print the Redeem Points pdf form and mail it to the Dakota Players Club Center.

We will mail you a Cash Redemption Certificate which can be redeemed for cash at any of the Dakota Players Club location cages.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of your Cash Redemption Certificate.

All correspondence should be sent to:

Dakota Players Club Redemption Center
155 Sherman Street
Deadwood, SD 57732

We wish you the best of luck in achieving your desired prize. Have fun!